In his encyclical 'Laudato Si', Pope Francis explains how we are summoned to see our life as an ecological vocation.

The whole of creation is one interrelated community before God, therefore as members of this community, we are to invited to see God in every living thing. Every creature is the object of the Father’s tenderness who gives it its place in the world. Even the fleeting life of the least of beings is the object of His love and in its few seconds of existence, God enfolds it with His affection’.
— Pope Francis

Pope Francis addressed his encyclical to every person on the planet. We now have the inspiration and leadership to change our hearts and minds, and behaviour, to care for our common home. Our students here at Emmaus have taken a lead role already, through their enthusiasm and passion to be change agents in sustainability.

Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on this planet, asking us all to protect our common home, the earth. In his encyclical, Laudato Si', Pope Francis speaks openly about the devastating effects of climate change on people and the planet.

emmaus green team

Some members of the Emmaus student community have chosen to be part of the "Green Team" and are leaders of this change. The "Green Team" is made up of students from all year levels who have a particular passion for the environment and sustainability. 

The Green Team meets regularly to discuss and implement different initiatives and lead the school in sustainable practices. So far, the Green Team have successfully implemented a new bin system to encourage recycling, planted trees along the Murnong Trail at Damascus and continue to monitor our efficient use of energy.

The Green Team are leaders in encouraging students to walk / ride to school more frequently and to bring wrapper free lunches that are classed as 'Nude Food'. Many students at Emmaus choose to travel to and from school via public bus transport. Opportunities also exist to travel to school on a 'Walking School Bus' with a variety of meeting points.

The Green Team also play a vital role in caring for our school chooks and collecting the eggs to sell for charity.

All that is placed in the Organic Waste box is used to feed the chooks and to create compost for our gardens.

The Golden Sneaker Award | Awarded during 'Enviro Week' to the class group who demonstrate most, sustainable practice.

The Golden Sneaker Award | Awarded during 'Enviro Week' to the class group who demonstrate most, sustainable practice.


reduce, reuse, recycle at emmaus

Emmaus continue to choose sustainable practices including:

  • the introduction of CareMonkey: A Health, Safety and Electronic Consent Form System - This system has eliminated all paper copies of permission slips and medical forms.
  • the delivery of the weekly school newsletter digitally.
  • the opportunity to access the Sustainable School Shop to buy and sell second hands items including uniforms.
  • the introduction of Seesaw: A digital learning portfolio
  • operating the school canteen via the online ordering and cashless Flexischools system.

Sustainability Co - Ordinators at emmaus

Skye Ambrosy

Amy Carmody