Emmaus catholic primary school - enrolment 2020

2020 enrolment information will be posted on this website in February 2019.  Please see below the 2019 enrolment information, as an example of the details that will be provided.


Enrolment for 2019 Foundation year (prep) students will be opened Monday, 19th February 2018. 

An online Expression of Interest form is the 1st step in the process of enrolling your child in a Ballarat Catholic Primary School. Please click on the following link to submit your Expression of Interest. https://goo.gl/vnP5xj 

Completing this form does not guarantee that an enrolment offer will be made.

An Emmaus Catholic Primary School tour is mandatory for all new families.  Bookings are available on the School Interviews website. Click HERE to make a booking. The event code that you'd need to enter is xw2xs.  During the tour prospective families can enjoy a walk through of our school and will be presented with enrolment paperwork to begin the application process for Emmaus Catholic Primary School.

Please refer to the information below on the enrolment process to Ballarat Catholic Primary Schools.

Enrolment enquiries for year levels 1 - 6 please call our office on 5330 2266. 

Application forms are obtainable upon consultation with our Principal.


Catholic education ballarat - ENROLMENT ENQUIRIES 2019

To ensure that every family has the appropriate opportunity to enrol their child, all Ballarat Catholic Primary Schools cooperate with each other throughout the process of Prep (Foundation) Enrolment. Information collected through the enrolment process is collated on a common database, which is shared by the Catholic Primary Schools in Ballarat.


key dates- 2018

• Enrolment Applications Open on Monday 19th February
• First Deadline for Enrolments is Monday 23rd April
• School Principals meet to determine allocation of placements on Wednesday 2nd May
• 1st Round Offers sent via mail on Monday 14th May
• Written acceptance of offers required from parents by Friday 1st June

In 2018, those families seeking Prep (Foundation) Enrolment at a Catholic Primary School in the City of Ballarat for the 2019 school year are asked to complete their Expression of Interest for Enrolment online. Those families who are unable to do so can complete the appropriate form/s from the school at which you wish to enrol your child.

The online Expression of Interest is the 1st step in the process. Please click on the following link to submit your Expression of Interest. https://goo.gl/vnP5xj  Completing this form does not guarantee that an Enrolment Offer will be made. Each school will require further information from you. All families seeking enrolment are strongly encouraged to visit the school at which you wish to enrol your child to determine what information is required.

Each Catholic Primary School will make offers of enrolment in line with their own Enrolment Policy, which take into consideration a variety of factors.

Families who intend to make application to more than one Catholic Primary School are asked to make clear which school is their first preference.

What to do next:

1. Visit the school/s you are interested in enrolling your child at.

2. Ask them about their Enrolment Process:

  • Do they provide Information Sessions about enrolment?

  • What further information is required from families?

  • Do you need to book an Interview with the Principal?

  • What Application Forms need to be completed?

Emmaus catholic primary school - CONTACT DETAILS

1503 Geelong Road, Mt Clear, 3350, Victoria

p | (03) 5330 2266

e | admin@emtclear.catholic.edu.au

To read about the Emmaus uniform click HERE.