Bookings are now open for Term 1.

Term 1 Student Led Learning Conferences will be held on Wednesday February 20th and Wednesday February 27th from 3:30pm - 7:30pm.

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A significant component of the relationship building that takes place at Emmaus is the “ Child / Teacher / Parent – Learning Conferences ” that occur at the beginning of both Term 1 and Term 3.

A “Learning Conference” is a conversation that involves children, parents and teachers. The aim is to have the child at the centre of the conversation and as much as possible leading the conversation about their learning. We are keen to understand more of what each child is hoping to strive for in 2018, how they socialise and any other special insights that will assist us in developing an effective working relationship with each child that will best support their learning.

Each learning area will support the children to be well prepared for the Learning Conferences.

Learning Conferences run for ten minutes including transition time.

It is preferable that the designated times are utilised however we appreciate that these dates and times may not work for all families so teachers are happy to negotiate mutually agreeable times. Direct contact would need to be made with your child’s teacher to do this.