School Times

Please Note: Music plays through the P.A five minutes prior to each bell to signal to the children to prepare. This time allows children to visit the toilet, rehaydrate with water and make their way back to their learning areas.

8:30am Supervision commences

8:55am Music begins

9:00am Bell sounds to signal commencement of the school day

10:50 Children are supervised whilst eating morning tea

11:00am Bell sounds to signal Recess

11:25am Music Begins

11:30am Bell sounds to signal class resumes

1:00pm Bell sounds to signal eating time. Children are supervised whilst eating lunch

1:10pm Bell sounds to signal lunch break commences

1:35pm Music Begins

1:40pm Bell sounds to signal class resumes

3:05pm Bell sounds to signal to 'Bus Travellers' to proceed to the deck to meet bus duty teachers.

3:10pm Bell sounds to signal 'Dismissal'


term 3 2018 Sports Days

During Term 4, children will be required to wear their full sports uniform on the following days:

Vornda - Fridays

Kanamo - Mondays & Thursdays

Mok - borreeyn - Mondays & Wednesdays

Nyereeka - Tuesdays & Fridays


opportunities to gather

Weekly Liturgy on Monday mornings at 9:10 in Wayaperri. All welcome.

Monthly 'Community Leadership Team' meetings (Second Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm - 9pm) All are welcome.

For other opportunities to gather with members of our community visit HERE.


opportunities to support

There are numerous opportunities to support within our school community. One such opportunity is the Emmaus Catholic Primary School "Meal Roster.' You can read more about this initiative HERE. Read weekly newsletters to find out more about how you can offer your support within our community. 

Read about the Emmaus Catholic Primary School 'Community Leadership Team' and how you can become involved HERE.

learning conferences

A significant component of the relationship building that takes place at Emmaus are in the form of  Child / Teacher / Parent – Learning Conferences. Learning Conferences occur at the beginning of each school year as well as in the middle of each school year.

A “Learning Conference” is a conversation that involves children, parents and teachers. The aim is to have the child at the centre of the conversation and as much as possible leading the conversation about their learning. We are keen to understand more of what each child is hoping to strive for in 2018, how they socialise and any other special insights that will assist us in developing an effective working relationship with each child that will best support their learning.

Learning Conferences run for approximately 12 minutes and are set into 15 minute blocks.

Learning Conferences are booked via an online booking schedule. 

SUN safety

Sunscreen is supplied for children.

Children are required to wear the Emmaus school hat in Terms 1 and 4 and at other times at the discretion of the teaching team.


learning resources

All resources required for children are purchased by teaching staff. 



We wish to advise you that there have been some changes to our turning circle pick up areas where you collect your child/ren after school. Please note that all students are asked to wait in their youngest sibling’s pick up area (even if the youngest student is not at school).

As they have in previous years, Mok-Borreeyn and Nyereeka students will be located in the first pick up bay.

Kanamo students will be in the bay closest to the office entrance. 

Vornda students will be collected from the bay closest to Geelong Road. 

All areas have been labeled with signs for your convenience.

We request that you do not leave you car in the turning circle, if you wish to exit your car please find a park. Bollards will be removed to allow car access into the turning circle at 3:00pm. Pleas ensure you DO NOT block traffic flow on Geelong Road. Please see the diagram HERE that outlines the new pick up areas.4