Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available at Emmaus each week on a Friday.

Since introducing this lunch option in our community, approximately $20, 000 in profit has been raised and has been used for school improvement. Our synthetic play area has been one such initiative funded from Lunch Order profits.

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Lunch orders will begin in Term 1 on Friday February 9th.


Lunch - 1pm


View and download the TERM 2 2018 menu HERE.

Canteen Volunteers

Volunteer Helper Times: 9am to 1:45pm with smaller shifts within this time frame.

Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer or alternatively click HERE and follow the prompts.

Canteen Rosters

To view the current roster you are welcome to e - mail Emma Irvin via

How to Order

Lunch orders can be placed weekly online using the cashless Flexischools system. You can download the Flexischool App to your device from your App Store or alternatively order via their website.

To learn how to create an account and to discover how the system works click HERE

To register & place orders from a Smartphone or iPad click HERE.

To register & place orders from a laptop / desktop click HERE

Cut off Time

You will have until 8am each Friday to place your orders using the Flexischools process.

Please click HERE to read the Lunch Order Food Policy. By implementing this policy the canteen aims to provide an alternative lunch option for our students and staff weekly.